Camerata Children’s Music Academy

The Camerata Children’s Music Academy

Music is an essential learning skill for children’s healthy brain development. Our Pre- K Music Academy is the only interactive teaching series focused on the vocal arts. We teach children the following skills:

  • Singing

  • Reading Notes

  • Melody and Harmony

  • Tempo and Rhythm

  • Conducting

  • Music Appreciation

Pre-K Interactive Children’s Music Programs


Enhancing Learning

Studies show that early childhood music education gives children the tools they need to succeed when they enter primary school. They are better prepared for reading and math. Our children also learn teamwork and build confidence.

Music is Fun!

Camerata’s music classes are so much fun that the children don’t even realize that they are learning new skills! Our 30-minute workshops include singing, stomping, clapping, marching and music appreciation. Our teachers bond with the children over the course of the school year.

Qualified Staff

All Camerata Children’s Music Academy staff are degreed music professionals. They have been trained to deliver our unique program. Our teachers show up with guitars, keyboards, percussion instruments and a smile every day.

Proven Results

We know that the Camerata Children’s Music Academy program is effective — our evaluation results tell us so! Our children had measurable learning outcomes and are better prepared to enter Kindergarten!