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  • Sunday
  • November
  • 14
  • 2021

Peace Project 5

November 14, 2021 @4:30 pm



Dr. James Bass has designed a concert that will explore the themes of diversity and inclusion that are so pressing in these times. The theme of Peace Project 5 will be “Reconciliation.” In addition to the newly commissioned piece composed by Richard Danielpour, the rest of the repertoire and narrative will directly consider themes of equity, acceptance, racial justice and healing.

The preparation for this concert has been a journey for LBCS.  In January of 2021, we began speaking with friends and leaders in the Black Community, seeking advice, direction and insight.  We understood from the start that we could not program or produce this concert alone, and that it had to be a collaboration.  We would like to thank our panel of advisors, who were generous with their time, gentle with their guidance, and frank with their opinions.  Our Board of Directors engaged CCEJ to provide Racial Bias Training in the Spring, resulting in a dialogue that revealed new insights into each other’s lives and experiences.  We have grown and changed through our interactions in preparing for this concert.

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